About Me

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my website.

I’m Jess O’Reilly – a post-secondary educator, instructional designer, faculty support professional, and emerging open researcher. Yeah, I like to wear a few hats simultaneously.

I started out teaching at the post-secondary level, then transitioned into instructional design, working in post-secondary, health care, and corporate contexts. I eventually made my way into my current position, working full-time as an Instructional Developer in Cambrian College’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. This faculty position allows me to develop and deliver a variety of post-secondary courses, while also supporting faculty with their own online course design and explorations of the pedagogical affordances of technology-enabled learning.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of Open Education and was immediately smitten by its emancipatory potential. I knew I wanted to immerse myself in this field, and so I applied for Athabasca University’s Doctor of Education in Distance Education program, with the aim of researching open educational practices generally, and open assessment and OER-enabled pedagogy specifically. I am currently in my third year of the program, about to embark on the formal research phase (eek).

In 2017, eCampus Ontario awarded me with an Open Education Fellowship. This Fellowship helped me to establish a foundational knowledge of the OER landscape in Ontario, provided me with a strong network of support in my local context, and introduced me to the larger Open landscape via my participation in the Open Education Global conference in Delft, Netherlands. I, along with several of my Cambrian colleagues, brought that conversation home by hosting Open Day, Cambrian College’s first professional development event fully dedicated to Open Education. My time with eCampus Ontario allowed me to move from the margins of the conversation, toward become a local knowledge-holder and advocate for OER creation, adoption and critical exploration of open educational practices.

In 2019, I successfully applied for the Open Education Group’s OER Research Fellowship. This exciting opportunity, sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, will connect me to Open Education researchers from across North America, providing mentoring and guidance as I research OER-enabled pedagogy utilizing a design-based research methodology within an interpretivist paradigm. I am so excited to cut my teeth as an academic researcher with the support of this group and to share the findings of my research at the upcoming OpenEd conferences.

I am always excited to talk about open education, instructional design, critical digital pedagogy, and creative uses of educational technologies. Please, reach out.