Open Practice Projects

Find a curated list of my open practice projects below. They are examples of Fellowship outputs, learning objects I created in my Doctoral program, and ongoing professional development – all taking place “in the open”.

Nàbowàdjige: Our Calls to Action

I have been iteratively designing and faciliating a College-level General Education course titled Truth and Reconciliation since the Fall 2019 semester. This has been the most challenging, and the most rewarding, undertaking of my teaching career.

Students enrolled in the course are invited to participate in an example of OER-enabled pedagogy by contributing their final capstone projects to the Nàbowàdjige: Our Calls to Action website. Their projects take a close look at the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action, critically examining the progress (and lackthereof) to date, the colonial harms that have contributed to the need for these Calls, and celebrating positive, grassroots efforts to move forward in a good way.

My doctoral research project explores learner perceptions of this particular example of OER-enabled pedagogy. I share more about this project here.

eCampus Ontario Open Education Fellows Open Practice Project

Above: This is the cover art from our mini-graphic novel. Rowan did such an awesome job.

During the 2018 – 2019 academic year, I was supported by eCampus Ontario as an Open Education Fellow. The final component of the fellowship opportunity asked us to create an Open Practice Project.

I partnered with Rowan Bell-Marusich, a graphic design student at Cambrian College, to create this mini graphic novel, titled Opening: From Systemic Disenchantment to Empowerment in Higher Education.

Audio Blog

Above: I designed this image to help me understand Roger Gill’s holistic understanding of leadership. I affectionately refer to it as the “Gill Poké Ball”.

As a component of one of my EdD courses, Leadership and Project Management in Distance Education, we were asked to create a capstone assignment that synthesized our learning across the course.

I decided to create this audio blog, two hours or so of recorded reflection, reaction, and goal-setting. I’m sharing it here because I really enjoyed the process, and look forward to engaging in some self conversation once a bit of time has passed.

Ontario Extend

Above: This are all of the badges you can collect if you complete the Ontario Extend program.

Over the past few years, I’ve slowly plugged away at eCampus Ontario’s Ontario Extend program, participating in the drafting of the first iteration, jumping into a cohort-based delivery, hosting eCampus Representatives at Cambrian’s Teaching and Learning Centre for a northern cohort kick-off, and finally completing the program in a MOOC-format hosted on EdX.

I’d get so jazzed when I’d complete a module and earn one of the badges featured above, bragging shamelessly on Twitter, that the eCampus team started to call me “Badges O’Reilly”! So funny.

I highly recommend this program for individuals and pedagogical teams looking for a robust teacher-education program intended to enhance educators’ technological competence and fluency. I love that it’s been enhanced iteratively through design-based research practices, and I really appreciated its constructivist orientation, which places the learning in the hands of the participants – a great example of learning by doing.

Plus, look how awesome that final mega badge looks. Who wouldn’t want to be an Empowered Educator?!