Here is a curated list of presentations, webinars, and the like might be of some value to open practitioners and tech-enabled educators. I’ve tried to group them thematically rather than by date.

Open Education

Minotawàn: Listening to Learners’ Perceptions of OER-Enabled Pedagogy

I was honoured to receive the People’s Choice Award for this presentation, delivered virtually on October 2, 2021 for the Athabasca University Graduate Student Research Conference. The presentation describes my in-progress doctoral research and is quite similar to the presentation I prepared for my candidacy defence. Speaker notes are included.

Learner Empowerment through Canada’s 94 Calls to Action

I delivered this pre-recorded Lightning Talk at the Open Education 2020 virtual conference. This short talk describes an example of a renewable assignment and open educational practice opportunity that I’ve incorporated into the Truth and Reconciliation course I’ve been teaching for several years. Learner perceptions of this particular example of OEP form the basis of my doctoral dissertation research.

Students as Co-Creators: Examples of Open Assessment Collaborations

My colleagues Marnie Seal, Mel Young, and I had the opportunity to facilitate a poster presentation at OpenEd19. We had a great time discussing our open pedagogical practices and circulating business cards that pointed participants to this Google Drive Folder full of examples and advice for practitioners looking to incorporate OEP into their assessment strategies. View the poster I designed below.

OE Consortium’s Panel on Open Pedagogy

This panel presentation took place during Open Education Week in March 2019. I was so flattered to be asked to participate alongside Cheryl Belford, Alexis Clifton, and John Hilton III.

eCampus Ontario Open Education Fellows Webinar Series: Introduction to Open Educational Practices (OEP)

I moderated this panel presentation which included several faculty and staff perspectives related to Open Educational Practices. We introduced the concept of Open Educational Practices (OEP), with a tight focus on learner empowerment and engagement, and attempted to showcase classroom-tested examples of OEP in action.

Growing Open Education Initiatives: Open Education Ontario Summit 2018

I was invited to co-facilitate a workshop at the eCampus Ontairo Open Education Ontario Summit alongside Ali Versluis, an Open Librarian working at the University of Guelph. It was really interesting to compare our college and university contexts.

Open Media: Using Audio and Video as Part of Teaching Practice

This is another eCampus Ontario Open Education Fellows webinar that I co-facilitated with two of my peers in the program, Helen DeWaard and Laura Killam. We share practices related to creating, editing, and hosting audio and video for teaching and learning purposes.

Open Day Keynote

In May 2018, representatives from eCampus Ontario visited my college to help us start a conversation about Open Education. Here is the kick-off keynote address, featuring Jenni Hayman, Joanne Kehoe, Laura Killam, and I.

Online Education

Humanizing Educational Design: Future Trends Forum

In late September, 2022, I was invited to join Martha Burtis, Andrew King, and Jerod Quinn on the Future Trends Forum to discuss the chapter I submitted for Hybrid Pedagogy’s Designing for Care chapbook. It was a wonderful conversation that I am grateful to have been a part of.

Human Connection: The Cornerstone of Successful Online Teaching and Learning

Here’s a presentation I delivered at the 2019 Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase Conference hosted by eCampus Ontario. I was honoured t12o receive an Inspired Award based on the number and quality of audience feedback in response to this presentation.

There are notes that help contextualize each slide. To view them, click on the three little dots and select “Open Speaker Notes”.

Pondering the Perks of Podcasts: Learner-Generated Audio Recordings in Support of Deep Learning and Connection

Two former students and I teamed up to deliver this presentation at eCampus Ontario’s 2020 Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase Conference. I love this conference. It feels boutique and offers up an annual opportunity to reconnect with colleagues across the sector. Collaborating with two exceptional and inspirational former students made this year’s conference all the better!

Helping Students Navigate the Research Process: Our Trailmap of Libraryland!

Two colleagues and I collaborated on this presentation, delivered virtually at the 2021 Focus on Teaching Conference. In our presentation we describe our strategic approach to supporting learners through the research process by focusing on process rather than just product.

Artificial Interaction: Will Robots Replace Educators?

Here is the first seminar presentation I prepared for the first course offered in my EdD. Wow! Feels like a lifetime ago. It explores the question: will robots replace educators?

Questions to Consider when Designing for a Blended Delivery

This is an edited recording of a webinar I facilitated during Cambrian’s 2019 Reading Week. The session invited participants to consider several guiding questions to help plan for a blended delivery. We discussed the definition of blended learning, recommended practices, and considered which elements of participants’ course content, activities, and assessments might work best online versus face-to-face.

H5P Interactive Content: Not a BBQ Sauce!

I co-facilitated this webinar with my colleague Sarah Wendorf for the Educational Technology Committee’s Fall 2019 Webinar Series.